Message from CEO


Chief Executive Officer Hiroshi Torigoe


Chief Executive Officer
Hiroshi Torigoe

“What can our company do?”
“What is our company’s specialty?”

My mission as president is to make CTCSP a company that can clearly describe its unique characteristics and strengths. I am convinced that by letting the individuality of each person who works with us shine through in the workplace, our company’s new uniqueness will emerge within.

Then, what can be done to create a new uniqueness? There must be an organization and corporate culture in which everyone can accept a person’s comments or suggestions without denial.

When you declare that you are going to try something new, difficult obstacles will stand in your way. There will be times when you will not be able to achieve your goals. However, we must develop the corporate atmosphere and culture where the attitude and mindset for taking on new challenges are valued, and where we can work together to clear our goals.

In the future, as blockchain technology comes into wide use in IT industry and shifts from centralized to decentralized systems, the industry composition is expected to restructure. In the midst of the major shifting trends, CTCSP will be quick to focus on and adopt cutting-edge technology, while providing solutions with agility.

We aim that each individual's success will lead to a bright future for the company and society.