Message from CEO



Chief Executive Officer
Akira Tamanoi

We have achieved strong growth in IT solution business based on the long-term acquisition of experience and knowledge of IT products and technology in network security in which we have particular expertise. As we are an independent multi-vendor solution provider, we can provide the unique and leading-edge overseas technology products to meet customer's requirement in the Japanese market. This kind of our distinctive values in offering the best of breed technologies are highly appraised by a broad base of partners and end users, and thus it has largely increased our business to the midrange-scale clients.

It is time to further refine our expertise, strengthen our solution capabilities and enhance value- addition to the specialty field. The three fields of our specialty comprising of 1. Contents delivery such as video streaming, 2. Endpoint security and 3. Work-style reform that are the cores of business solutions have been well received and earned a good reputation in the market. In future the key to further growth additional to the three fields will be how many new innovative solutions and expertise we can develop into the next core of our solutions in the rapidly growing fields such as IoT and AI technology.

From Products to Solutions. We continue striving to hold a firm presence in the IT industry that everyone recognizes CTCSP as a trusted and reliable business solutions provider in Japan.